What We Eat In Spring Festival

- Jan 08, 2020-

According to the traditional customs of our country, the eating of Chinese New Year's Eve is very particular. What are the foods to eat during the Spring Festival? The Spring Festival usually eats the following staple foods.

  1. Long noodles: also called longevity noodles, eat it in the new year, I wish you a long life.

    Long noodles

2. Wonton: eat in the new year to get its initial meaning. It is said that the Pangu family opened the sky and split the earth, so that "the lightness of the qi is clear to the sky, and the lightness of the qi is to fall to the ground." Then take the homonym of Wonton and "hundred storage", which means that the food is full.


3. Mochi is also called "mochi mochi", which is a homonym with "mid year high", which means that people's work and life improve year by year.


4. Dumplings: On New Year's Eve, as soon as the twelve o'clock sounds, you start to eat dumplings. Therefore, the hour is the time of the child.