What Bracelets Wear To Your Watch?

- Apr 19, 2019-

There are many people who like to wear watches, but many people only wear watches, so much monotonous! So now the fashion world has already created a new wave, the stunning effect created by watches and accessories will make you feel that the past watches are leucorrhea! If you don't understand the match, you can understand it!

Look1: Square watch + jewelry ring

The square watch is very temperamental, and the model of this square watch is more retro style, so it doesn't need too modern matching. A few pockets and cute rings will set off the gas field, too much decoration will cover up the style.

The modern square watch has the same feel as some electronic watches, but it uses classical pointer timing, which looks like a vintage taste and is wrapped in fashion. With two cool metal bracelets, it’s so cool.

This watch is quite unique. There are different countries on the surface of the time, it is completely wearing the time difference. And the shiny diamond around the surface is naked and said that I am rich, not to mention the gold chain next to it, it is simply heroic!

Look2: Round watch + ring

The clean surface is very stylish and there are not too many decorations. This single watch is actually very ladylike, but now this society is about fashion, with a variety of exquisite and personalized rings, is it more eye-catching?

Compared with a masculine watch, the boys are very British and the girls are more neutral. So wearing a few rings with more personality and full of femininity will make this neutral become female. soft.

Look3: Round watch + bracelet

The straps are all shiny with a metallic watch and a marble surface that looks very advanced. In order to look richer and more stylish, you can wear a diamond-studded metal bracelet to make the sense of quality even higher.

Watching the watch alone is a chic but simple model, and the bracelet of the thin chain presents a delicate texture, so the small is small, but it can hold up the big scene. The whole match is not complicated, but it is very feminine and elegant.

The metal material that is biased towards dark gold looks a lot more stable, and the gray-gold dial is also rare, so it is special. The watch looks great enough, so the matching accessories can be simplified, and a silver bracelet with gold beads is enough.

Clearly there are cool pirate elements, but with the pink rope, let this jewelry actually bring a little cute. It is precisely this jewelry placed next to a very simple watch, the richness of the elements makes it look different.

Look4: watch + bracelet + ring

Of course, many people will choose to wear a ring and a bracelet while wearing the watch. This will make the whole hand look richer. After matching the overall shape, it will not be a bright eye.

Combining vibrant green with a metallic luster surface, you can feel the beauty of its conflicts. The nail-shaped bracelet is very individual, and with a brilliant diamond ring, the mix and match style is impressive.

Wearing a pure white lace dress, you can also wear a watch with a strong metal. Exaggerated surface, coupled with the lavish jewelry, clearly gives a feeling of publicity, but with the quiet and elegant lace skirt, it will take it for granted.

Many watches will also be made into the shape of a bracelet, but the beauty is beautiful, but with some bracelets, the watch will give people a feeling of exaggeration and cheapness. But after pairing with exquisite bracelets and rings, it will balance this feeling and it looks a lot taller.

Look5: watch + bracelet + ring (cold)

Some people prefer gentle accessories, while others prefer accessories that are biased towards cold. The watch is still the kind of watch, simple and temperament, but whether it is a ring or a bracelet, it gives a strong sense of coolness.

In the accessories, whether it is sharp edges or metal balls, it is a "tool", plus the cold metal material, the "profit" is enlarged. Coupled with a simple black watch, does it look cold and cool?

Cool accessories and black gold watches will give people a strong feeling, just like many women strong, intellectual and capable, domineering. Especially with a black dress, this sensitivity is raised to the extreme.

Of course, it is also a sharp cold jewelry, but if it is matched with brighter colors or warm colors, it will soften this cool and flamboyant atmosphere, and it will not look so far.