Top 5 Natural Pain Relief From Arthritis

- Apr 29, 2020-

Top 5 Natural Pain Relief From Arthritis


In as much as humans dreaded to feel and experience pain that is brought by various factors such as health complications and diseases, pain is perhaps one of the inevitable things that anyone will eventually encounter at some point in their lives. However, pain is classified as either chronic or acute and according to its duration. This proves that the intensity and nature of pain differs from one condition to another.


With today’s modern medicine, it is rather easier to handle or manage pain. Doctors recommend the use of various pain reliever medications and therapies that can effectively alleviate, cure, and even prevent pain. However, it is not necessary to take loads of pain relief drugs when cases of pain are only considered as acute. There are, in fact, a couple of natural pain relief therapies that are known to be effective in alleviating pain.


Natural pain relief management


Many people opted to use alternative and complementary remedies to a number of health conditions and cases, including pain. Some use such natural treatments along with the therapies and medications prescribed by doctors to achieve better results.


The following are the five natural pain relief therapies that are quite popular today:


1. Tai chi


Tai chi is an ancient Chinese Taoist martial art that is commonly referred to as meditation in motion. This therapy is known to effectively harmonize a person’s posture, balance, gaits, and flexibility. Hence, tai chi prevents and alleviates pain as it harmonizes the physical and mental well-being of an individual.


2. Yoga


Yoga is a popular Indian exercise that combines breathing and stretching. This type of therapy is a top choice of some people as treatment to a number of psychological and physical illnesses. In adhering to yoga therapy as treatment to pain, intake of prescribed drugs or medications is more likely to decrease as yoga aids to relax the body muscles, thus, reducing tension that is typically associated to pain.


3. Magnets


In magneto therapy, magnets are applied to the skin with the aim of lessening body pains. Although there are no studies that can further assess and verify the effectivity of magnets as a body pain reliever, many people still resort to this type of therapy as an alternative to drugs and medications.


4. Diet and nutrition


To avoid being susceptible to pain, doctors recommend proper diet maintenance. Fruits and vegetables in balanced quantities are a must in a person’s daily diet as these are good sources of vitamins, minerals, energy, and protein.


5. Nutritional herbs and supplements


Nutritional herbs and supplements are taken by some people as alternative to pain reliever drugs and medications. Most of these supplements are actually quite effective in reducing and curing pain. Examples of effective nutritional and herbal ingredients are salmon oil, black cohosh, cranberry, saw palmetto, and valerian.