The Health Benefit Of Copper Bangles

- May 07, 2019-

Copper Magnetic Bracelets have been worn for many years by thousands of people across the globe, and have effective and natural non-invasive pain relief of Arthritis, Joint Pain, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Fatigue, and Migraines.


But only the high purity copper bracelets have these health benefit and could wear a long time. Maas Jewelry provides the purest and highest quality bracelets on the market today. 99.9% pure copper cuff bangles, various designs, classical styles, BEST Energy Bracelet, Health Bracelet, and Balance Bracelet!


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 copper Magnetic Bracelets

 copper bracelets

Who should wear copper magnetic bracelets?


1, long-term desk work, poor blood circulation, lumbar vertebrae, cervical spine pain;


2. Patients with hypertension, hyperlipemia, and hyperglycemia;


3. People who are constantly exposed to radiation such as computers and mobile phones;


4.Work, study, stress, nervousness, and forgetfulness;


5.low immunity, fatigue, easy to catch a cold, hands and feet are often cold;


6. people with poor sleep quality; irregular living habits, often staying up late;

The Copper Bracelets and Copper Bangles Advantage

1. Nice jewelry bracelets, as a kind of jewelry for mother's gift, father’s gift, and business gift.

2. Copper on the copper bracelet can react with the moisture on the skin (such as perspiration) and dissolve, and leave a black or green imprint on the skin, this mark indicates that copper ions have been transferred from the bracelet It is applied to the surface of the skin and can be used by the body. Studies have shown that copper has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, so this feature is also used to suppress a variety of pain.


3. "Friends of the brain". Copper, like zinc and iron, is an important component of brain neurotransmitters. If insufficient intake can cause nervous system disorders, brain function disorders can occur. Lack of copper will reduce pigment oxidase in brain cells and decrease vitality, resulting in memory loss, mental disorder, unresponsiveness, and even gait instability and movement disorders.

4. The "guardian" of the heart. Copper is involved in the synthesis of various metal enzymes in the human body. The oxidase is an essential substance in the formation of matrix collagen and elastin, which constitutes the blood vessels of the heart. Collagen is a firm connection of cardiovascular muscle cells. The fiber component, elastin, has the function of keeping the heart and blood vessel walls elastic. Therefore, once the copper element is lacking, the synthesis of such enzymes is reduced, and the cardiovascular system cannot maintain normal morphology and function, thereby giving the coronary heart disease an opportunity to invade.

5. "Assistant" of hematologists. As we all know, iron is an important raw material for human hematologists, but iron must be part of red blood cells and must rely on the help of copper. The mystery is that the iron in hemoglobin is ferric ion, and the ferrous iron is separated from the food. The ferric ion is converted into ferric ion, which depends on the copper-containing active substance ceruloplasmin. Oxidation. If copper is deficient in the body, the concentration of ceruloplasmin is bound to decrease, resulting in difficulty in transforming iron to induce anemia.

6. The "buster" of cancer. People are afraid of cancer, and cancer is also afraid of people, fearing that the body will get enough copper. Recent studies by cancer experts have shown that copper can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and induce cancer cells to "suicide."

7. "New Star" to help pregnant. Women of childbearing age are also inseparable from copper. According to obstetricians, it is difficult for women to be pregnant with copper deficiency. Even if they are pregnant, they will weaken the thickness and toughness of the amnion due to lack of copper, leading to premature rupture of the amnion, causing miscarriage or fetal infection.

8. Anti-aging "master". The aging of the human body is due to the fact that the metabolic waste of free radicals in the body plays a considerable role. Among them, the hydroxyl radical is the most toxic, not only will damage the cell membrane through lipid peroxidation, but also destroy the genetic material of the nucleus, leading to cell death. In addition, the activity of many important enzymes can be reduced or even eliminated. Studies have shown that copper-containing metallothionein and superoxide dismutase have strong functions of cleaning up such metabolic wastes and protect human cells from harm. It can be seen that copper plays an important role in anti-aging.

9. "natural enemies" of the flu. Experts from the British Pharmaceutical Association have recently found the easiest way to prevent "influenza" by combining a common vitamin C with copper to get good results. Experiments have shown that the body's intake of enough copper can accumulate more copper ions on the surface of the flu virus that invades the human body, thus providing an effective "target" for vitamins to attack the flu virus. Vitamin C acts on the copper ions on the surface of the virus to form an isolated unstable compound containing active oxygen ions, which causes the surface of the virus containing the protein to rupture and then put the virus to death. To this end, experts call vitamin C and copper a pair of best partners to fight the flu.

10. Great to prevent white hair. Why is the human hair white? Copper deficiency in the body is an important reason. Copper deficiency can make the formation of tyrosinase in the human body difficult, and the process of converting tyrosine into dopa is hindered. Dopa is a precursor of dopamine, which in turn is an intermediate in melanin, which ultimately hinders the synthesis of melanin.


Pure copper bracelet identification method?


1. Look at the color. If the red copper bracelet is not coated, it should be purple-red; if it is coated, if it is not afraid of scraping, scrape it with a knife, which should be purple-red.


2. Listen to the sound. Knocking down the red copper bracelet, making a dull sound, thick and short.


3.Test hardness. Gently pull the red copper bracelet and you can feel the copper bracelet is very soft.


4.Weight: red copper specific gravity of about 8.92g / cm3, the hand will feel very heavy.


Correct maintenance of the copper bracelets? Since the red copper bracelet material is made of pure red copper, it is easily oxidized by contact with air or sweat, and the color is slightly black. It is best to avoid wearing it in a humid environment when wearing it. After wearing for a period of time, due to the characteristics of the red copper material, the color will change slightly. You can soak it in household vinegar for one minute, wipe it with a soft brush or cotton cloth and dry it.