Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet For Women- Crystal Series

- Nov 12, 2019-

With the development of the economy, people's quality of life has become better and better, and people are more inclined to dress themselves.

 MagEnergy provides beautiful 5 colors crystal magnetic bracelet, which includes white, blue, black, pink and fuchsia color.

crystal stainless steel bracelet for girls

1) 16 pieces crystal in total;

2) Health elements are magnets, far infrared, negative ions and germanium, also can be all magnets if needed;

3) Size is 225*8*5mm, the length can be adjustable;

4) Crystal color can be mixed if needed.

The combination of crystal and healthy elements makes this stainless steel crystal bracelet have the benefits of relieving fatigue and promoting blood circulation. So why not consider giving such a stylish and healthy gift to your wife or girlfriend?