Magnetic Bracelets For Arthritis-series

- Apr 22, 2019-

 When we talk about jewelry, everyone naturally thinks about gold, diamonds, and 925 silver. It is beautiful and elegant


Today we show you a special jewelry-not only spark, but also with magnetic healthy function. The powerful magnetic bracelets can continuously promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, relieve muscle spasm, and the nerves are no longer tight, alleviating hand-hemp, hand-joint pain caused by long-term use of computers and mobile phones.

 It is equivalent to carrying a good-looking small physiotherapy device at all times. Is it amazing?


blood flow

In 1982, Dr. Sagawa of Japan Sagakawa invented the world's highest performance NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet material. As a material widely used in aerospace and medical care products, it has the advantage of being difficult to demagnetize. The king of permanent magnets."


The magnetic protection technology is refined by applying NdFeB rare earth materials combined with nano-protection technology.


The aesthetic design of the design master of Freddy Curiel, a 100-year-old Italian design family, perfectly combines the medical value of NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet materials with the aesthetic value of jewelry to open a healthy revolution in fashion jewelry.


moonlight series 

The moonlight series magnetic bracelet is specially made of 316L stainless steel, which is characterized by environmental protection, high strength, anti-allergic and waterproof.


Up to 12 procedures, hand polished. Make sure each angle is smooth and round. Not only comfortable to wear, but also to ensure environmental protection does not harm the human body, waterproof and hypoallergenic, can be worn 24 hours.

These magnetic bracelets don’t require any external assistance. The magnetic power released by the rare earth permanent magnet acts as a source of stimulation, and continuously promotes blood circulation during wear, helping to discharge waste and harmful substances inside the cell.


The State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and a large number of medical reports


NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the human body. Safe and reliable, no damage, and higher efficiency.


All these magnetic bracelets are packaged with a velvet jewelry box, a resize tool and manual.