Magnetic Bracelets Clasp Types

- Jun 03, 2019-

Magenergy provides many kinds of magnetic bracelets: stainless steel magnetic bracelets, titanium magnetic bracelets, tungsten magnetic bracelets, leather magnetic bracelets.


Now we show you what types of the clasp will be used in the jewelry bracelets.


There are usually 3 typical clasps for bracelets: Jewelry clasp, Deployment clasp, and buckle.


1. Jewelry clasp also called bracelet clasp, usually for metal jewelry, such stainless steel bracelet, and titanium bracelet.

It is easy to open and close. You could adjust the lip if loose or tight.

 jewelry clasp

2.Deployment clasp, usually for ceramic and tungsten bracelets, or watches.

Good quality and use for long time. 

 deployment clasp

3. Buckle has tang buckle and magnetic buckle. Use for leather bracelets and silicone bands.

First one is tang buckle, could adjust the bands' size and easy to use.

The second one is the magnetic buckle, also could adjust bracelet length for taking one or two off. 

tang buckle

Magnetic buckle