Do You Know These 5 Health Element Benefits Using For Jewelry?

- Aug 13, 2019-

Wellness Jewelry is not only nice but also helps to improve the user's body health.Today MagEnergy will show you the most 5 popular health mineral which inset in fine jewelry: Magnets, Germanium, Far-infrared, Negative Ions and Tourmaline.

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Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that when delivered directly to the body magnetic fields can stimulate healing from a range of health problems. When you wear magnetic jewelry, your body has a magnetic field, which improving blood circulation, reduce the chemical mediators of swelling and clear the area out. Thus 

(1)Less pain. reduce your body pain. 

(2)better health. The magnetic field also helps to support the body’s ability to take care of small imbalance, slowing the aging process, encouraging healthy cell turnover and reduce the stress of our body. 

(3)improved sleep. magnetic field help both to correct the sleep disorder and to improve your sleep quality, increasing your energy. 4)Sports performance. For athletes or sportsmen, magnetic therapy could help keep the body functioning at the highest possible level. Means maximized performance, decreased the risk of injury and increased capacity for muscle recovery.

Negative ions: As we know, positive and negative ions in our body should be balanced for health. But today’s modern world is overstuffed with positive ions. lighting, computers, electronic devices, air conditioning systems emit positive ions into the air. They can cause tiredness, irritation and depression and other problems. Negative ions, on the contrary, has a refreshing, invigorating effect. That is why you feel

freshness and energy in a mountain forest, by a waterfall or a river. All these places are with natural balanced ion level.
Our jewelry contains tourmaline mineral which could emit negative ions, which could increase the flow of oxygen into the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy.( by Pierce J.Howard,PhD) Let your body in good balance.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) have been called the “Light of Life”, because they comprise the particular portion of the entire energy spectrum that's most responsible for sustaining life on Earth—photon energy.

Infrared rays are divided into three wavelength frequencies: near, middle and far. Far infrared waves are the longest of all infrared waves, measuring from 5.6 to 1,000 microns.
Our jewelry contain tourmaline mineral which emit far infrared ray to user ’s body. The far infrared rays cause resonance in body water

molecules, activating them and ionizing them. Because of this effect, it offers many proven health and beauty benefits.
(1)Helps to increase blood circulation, the level of oxygen and white blood cells

(2)strengthening of the immune system 

(3)Increase in metabolism
(4)Relief from stress and fatigue

Germanium: is a semiconductor element, has a small band gap that allows it to efficiently respond to infrared light. The two important characteristics of Germanium that brings about healthy function effects are its natural ability to balance the body's ions (bioelectricity) and the penetration of Far Infrared Rays into the human body.

Germanium is believed to have blood-thinning effects and maybe beneficial to people with high VLDL triglyceride levels, low protein or phosphorus, very high calcium, or poor circulation due to atherosclerosis.

Tourmaline is a naturally-occurring semi-precious gemstone that is found in all parts of the World. Known as the “Electric Stone”, Tourmaline is the

highest-energy crystal in the world. In1880, lab experiments performed by Pierre and Jacques Curie proved that Tourmaline generates a weak electrical charge. This electrical charge enables Tourmaline to produce far-infrared photon energy, negative ions, and alpha waves.

These three main characteristics of Tourmaline combine to provide many benefits to our health, such as prevention of cholesterol build-up, purification of the blood, an improvement in circulation, stimulation of the autonomic nerves, calming of overly-excited sympathetic nerves, promotion of sound sleep and mental alertness, stress relief, stimulation of cell metabolism and enhancement of the immune system.