Ceramic Bracelets With Magnetic Therapy Health

- May 15, 2019-

Ceramic bracelets have good rust and heat resistance, high hardness, is not easy to wear, never fades, and does not damage the skin.

The advantages of luster, high hardness, no rust, discoloration, non-staining, and stable chemical properties make ceramic materials the new favorite of jewelry making. High-tech ceramics, which are sintered with zirconia-based mineral powder (powder particles less than 1 micron in diameter) at a high temperature of around 1500 °C. Like traditional Chinese ceramics, it has stable physical and chemical properties, waterproof, high temperature, anti-fading and anti-corrosion, and the surface is moist and flawless, which can emit soft and natural luster. Compared with watches made of stainless steel, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60%, the hardness is about 10 times that of stainless steel, and it is resistant to rust and heat.


Stylish Ceramic Bracelets

As we know, the ceramic is strong and while also easy to break. We provide ceramic bracelets combine with stainless steel, which is more elegant and will not break, even you fall off.

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magnetic bracelets

Ceramic bracelets


Why the ceramic bracelets are so popular?

1. Ceramic is hard as jade, not afraid of scratches, will not lose luster.

2. The surface is also finely polished, smooth and shiny, and traditional materials such as stainless steel are not pure black and pure white.

3. The material is eco-friend it does not hurt the skin, and it feels smooth and comfortable.

4. Not afraid of water, not afraid of sweat, not afraid of corrosion, never rust.

5. Ceramic bracelets are the new darling of the watch industry. It has high technology content and can reflect the technological fashion of the new era.