How To Adjust A Link Bracelet Size

- Jan 26, 2019-

How to resize or remove links from your bracelet Or a link necklace?

1.Prepare your removal tool. There are 2 extra push pins store at the base.

2.Find the correct pins on the side of bracelets.(Screw)

3.Gently turn the handle of tool to push it out.

Hold the bracelet while pushing to ensure it is all the time at the correct location.

4.Once some of the pin is out, pull the pin out with your fingers.

Repeat it again to remove the required link from the bracelet.

5.Join the two edges of the bracelet and push the pin into position by hand. So it holds the two edges together.

Ensure the thinner side (no screw part)goes first.

Go to web to watch video instruction.