Copper Rings For Women

99.9% pure copper rings for women, Elegant plum blossom ring ,adjustable size, magnetic therapy for pain relief.
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Product Details

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  • Make by 99.9% pure copper.

  • Length6.5cm, width 6.5cm, flexible design means one-size-fits-most; simply pull to open or squeeze to tighten.

  • About 2200gauss neodymium, magnets are inlayed on each end of the ring.

  • Can laser logo inside.


Product's  Specification

Item No.



Pure copper




Gold and silver two tone color

Item Size:

6.5cm length,  width 6.5mm



Health element

2pcs neodymium magnets

Delivery Day


Free Package:

Poly bag per pcs and 50pcs in a box


Copper benefits for skin

Since copper helps build collagen, and since collagen is also important to maintain skin elasticity, it should be safe to say that copper can improve skin firmness and reduce wrinkles. Studies also state that copper stabilizes skin proteins, improving the overall skin health.

Products details

size for copper ring 

copper magnetic therapy ring

Product Flow

Production of ringPackage Solution:

package of ring



Question: Is the magnetic jewelry goodness to health?

Answer: Yes, magnetic jewelry is heath for human body, it is helpful for Pain Relief from Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, RSI and Migraines, so the magnetic jewelry is more and more popular.


Question: How much for the different size with a ring style?

Answer: Each style, the price is the same with different size.

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