Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Magnetic loss weight bracelet help to make your body perfect. it made of Titanium which is super light and durable for everyday wear. No MOQ to order for one day delivery.
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Product Details


1. Product Features

lPure Titanium which is 100% hypoallergenic and extremely strong

l4 in 1 health elements to ease body pain,expecially arthritis, Carpal Tunnel

lAdjustable Size to fit most wrist

lStock for one day delivey,No MOQ

lPossible to do your brand name

lMost reasonable shipping method and shipping cost


2. Product Specification

Item No.



TA2 titanium


Polish and   brushed


Original titanium color


Fold-Over clasp

Item Size:

Width 8mm, length 20.5cm adjustable size

Item Weight




Health Element

Neodymium   Magnets, far Infrared,Germanium,Negative Ions

Delivery Day


Free Package:

Poly bag per pcs   and 50pcs in a box


3. Product Application



The magnetic brace will set up a magnetic field that improves the internal circulation, thereby reducing weight



Health care, Relieve fatigue, Magnetic therapy, Relieve pain, Adjuvant therapy for arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, dysmenorrhea, anemia


lNice gift

 The unique and extraordinary design provide of timeless elegance, great choice for Anniversary gift, Mother’s day Gift, Father’s gift, custome gift, Christmas Gift, valentine's day gift,business gift.


4. Product Details

 titanium magnetic loss weight bracelet

magnetic loss weight bracelet

5. Product Package





bracelet link package


6. Production Flow


Link bracelet production

7. Products Shipping method

Shipping ways

8. Customer Feedback

MagEnergy store feedback


Mens magnetic bracelet feedbacktitanium bracelet for men feedback


9. FAQ


Do Magnetic Bracelets Help with Weight Loss?

Magnetic devices abound among the no-diet-no-exercise weight loss aids. Touted for its supposed effects on metabolism and circulation, magnetic rings, bracelets or earrings are sold for the purposes of aiding weight loss. There is, however, no evidence whatsoever as to effectiveness of magnets in weight loss.


Proposed Mechanism of Action

The north pole of a magnet is supposed to stimulate metabolism, increasing the calories burned in cells and thus increasing the general energy expenditure. In the rings -- marketed for wearing on fingers or toes depending on the design -- the magnets are used in combination with principles of acupressure. Acupressure is an alternative therapy technique, based on the idea that stimulating certain points on the body will lead to changes in internal organs and physiological processes. The general principles are the same as used in acupuncture.


Being aware of receiving a treatment and believing in its effectiveness can be a powerful force in healing, especially when psychological and motivational factors are as important as they are with any behavior change such as weight loss.

















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