why we wear titanium jewelry?

- Sep 14, 2019-

Titanium is naturally a Grey-silver metal but has the ability to be anodized in several colors as well as black diamond treated for a glossy durable black look.

Titanium is durable, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and can be crafted into intricate and elegant designs. Highly skilled artisans of MagEnergy can offer its clients a wide array of designs, customization, and colors including black wedding rings which is fast gaining popularity among modern couples.


Titanium is very resistant to bending, cracking and has good scratch resistance. Stone settings in titanium resist loosening very well. Titanium's high strength allows innovative and more delicate stone setting than traditional softer jewelry metals


Titanium is very lightweight. Its lightweight may even surprise some people. It has been described to "feel is if it is not even there".

Tungsten and platinum are the heaviest jeweler metals, while carat golds and silver are somewhat less heavy. The lightweight of titanium has an added advantage of remaining stable and not rotating on the finger, therefore keeping the stone setting more often insight and not needing regular readjustments to have the correct look.


Titanium, even in its higher strength alloy form known as "aircraft-grade titanium" is perfectly bio-compatible. Aircraft-grade titanium is commonly used for surgical implants and dental fittings than pure titanium, as it is more resistant. Titanium is the only known "foreign" material that living tissue will attach onto.

That is why titanium jewelry is so much popular. You could check our website for titanium bracelets and titanium rings, with magnetic therapy function.www.biomagneticjewelry.com or contact me at bella.jo@biomagneticjewelry.com