When I adjust the link bracelet, is it to make it tight on the wrist or to make it fit as regular bracelet?

- Dec 31, 2020-

It really depends on personal preference. Some people like to keep them as close to the skin as possible, while others want them to be slightly looser.

One thing we recommend you follow is: make sure you can insert a finger or two between your bracelet and your skin.

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Remember: no matter what bracelet you wear, there are many in the bracelet, so at any given time, there will be many magnets in reasonable contact with the skin.

In addition, it is believed that during wearing a magnetic bracelet, a small movement of the magnet can produce more effective results than a non-moving magnet.

For bracelets, we recommend that you wear it on the magnet on the inside of your wrist and as close to the pulse point as possible; for bracelets, it is easy to do because there is always a magnet around the bracelet.

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