What is the Differences Between Vacuum Plating and Water Plating?

- Jan 02, 2020-

The differences between vacuum plating(IP plating) and water plating are briefly summarized below, let's take a look.

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1. Vacuum plating(IP plating) is processed in a vacuum furnace, while water plating is processed in an aqueous solution.


2. Vacuum plating(IP plating) process flow is complicated, the environment and equipment requirements are high, and the intermediate coating process has a transfer process. And the hydropower process is quite simple, from the equipment to the environmental requirements are not harsh vacuum coating, can be completed in fully automated production.


3. Vacuum plating(IP plating) now has discontinuous coating which can not conduct electricity. The conductivity of water-plated products is significantly enhanced.


4. The color of vacuum plating(IP plating) is richer than that of water electroplating, and the color and luster is brighter than that of water electroplating.


5. The color retention time of vvacuum plating(IP plating) will be longer, it will not corrode and oxidize, and the hardness is slightly worse. Water-plated wheels have slightly better hardness, but are easily yellowed and corroded.


6. In terms of processing cost, the cost of vacuum plating(IP plating) is higher than that of water plating.

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