What is the difference between Czech and Austrian diamonds? Is it the same diamond?

- Feb 27, 2020-

Czech and Austrian diamonds are both types of rhinestones. The main component of rhinestone is crystal glass, which refers to a jewelry accessory obtained by cutting artificial crystal glass into diamond facets. This material is more affordable and has a diamond-like feel in the visual effect, so it is very popular. , Mostly used in mid-range jewelry design.


Currently, the world's man-made crystal glass manufacturing sites are located on the north and south sides of the Rhine, also known as rhinestones. Therefore, the Austrian diamond produced in the North Shore is Austrian diamond, which absorbs sufficient sunlight throughout the year and has a good degree of Guanze. The southern bank is called Czech diamond, because the sunlight absorbed is not enough, so the gloss is not as good as Austrian diamond. In addition to Austrian and Czech diamonds, there are also Rhinestones from the Middle East, domestic rhinestones, and acrylic.

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The most famous artificial crystal manufacturer in Austria is Swarovski Company. The drills it produces are usually also called SWAROVSKI or Swarovski, so the general Austrian diamond refers to Swarovski's diamonds. Now many international top jewelry and clothing use Swarovski diamonds, so we often see Austrian diamonds in our lives, because the cost of clothing can not be too high, and the material of rhinestones is more affordable and can be used in The visual effect has the gorgeous and dazzling feel of diamonds, so it is often used in some mid-range clothing designs.

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