What is Far infrared health Jewelry Benefits?

- Aug 12, 2019-

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) have been called the “Light of Life” because they comprise the particular portion of the entire energy spectrum that's most responsible for sustaining life on Earth—photon energy.

Infrared rays are divided into three wavelength frequencies: near, middle and far. Far infrared waves are the longest of all infrared waves, measuring from 5.6 to 1,000 microns.

far infrared

MagEnergy manufacture fine jewelry contains tourmaline mineral which emits far infrared ray to the user ’s body. The far infrared rays cause resonance in body water molecules, activating them and ionizing them. Because of this effect, it offers many proven health and beauty benefits.

1)Helps to increase blood circulation, the level of oxygen and white blood cells

2)strengthening of the immune system 

3)Increase in metabolism
4)Relief from stress and fatigue

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