Titanium Bracelets Adding Germanium Are Popular in Japan

- May 11, 2019-

Titanium bracelets adding pure germanium stones are popular in Japan. As the germanium stone can act on bronchitis, cervical spondylosis, insomnia, and frozen shoulder. The microcirculation system promotes blood circulation, relieves stiff neck and neck, elbows, wrists, shoulders, and back, chest pain, habitual headache, insomnia, constipation, and general exhaustion. The germanium therapy necklace has a uniform color, is very decorative and inspirational. Because the personal physique and symptoms are different, the effect will be fast and slow, but there is no side effect.


MagEnergy Provide High-quality titanium bracelets with germanium stone, sell directly from factory. With 2 year warranty and guarantee 99.999  Solid germanium.

 titanium bracelets with germanium

Germanium is a rare and rare trace element. It is rich in natural organic sputum in nourishing herbs such as Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng. Organic bismuth has a high whitening beauty and youthful effect. It can be made into various skin care products, which has a clearing effect on abnormal pigmentation spots caused by pregnancy or sunshine and can also treat acne, eczema and odor.

 germanium bracelet

titanium germanium bracelet

The far-infrared emissivity of vermiculite is 92.1%, the wavelength is 8-10μm, which is the optimal absorption frequency and wavelength of the human body. The far-infrared radiation can deeply invade the human body, adsorbing the toxic substances and heavy metals in the human body and decomposing to achieve detoxification and beauty. Function, the semiconductor function of base metal can enhance body temperature, thereby promoting blood circulation and reducing fatigue.


Base metals can work through a small amount of energy (body temperature), but other semiconductors must pass high amounts of energy (high temperature, current, voltage), 32 electrons around the nucleus, and 4 electrons in the outermost orbit. Regular exercise. Once the temperature rises, an electron on the outermost orbit is detuned by the stimulus. The electrons that are out of orbit help to adjust the ion balance of the organism and return the abnormalities of the body's neural circuits to normal.


Modern people are exposed to too many household appliances, and they absorb a large amount of positively-charged hydrogen ions of electromagnetic waves. The presence of blood in the body tends to be acidic and may cause soreness. When the body temperature reaches 32 degrees, it will release negative ions, which can quickly absorb positive hydrogen ions, causing the chaotic and abnormal potentials in the body to return to normal, and the poisons (cations) in the blood and lymph are excreted. And acidity to prevent radiation and inhibit the deterioration of tumor cancer cells.

 germanium stone bracelet

The health benefits of Germanium Stone bracelets: Germanium can release far-infrared rays beneficial to the human body, strengthen natural healing power, improve physical fitness, cell activation, detoxify and nourish, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, regulate blood pressure, eliminate toxins in the body, regulate autonomic nervous diseases and other chronic diseases. Protect electromagnetic radiation in your life.


It has the effect of traction in non-surgical treatment in hospitals. It can restore the normal line of cervical intervertebral joints, which is beneficial to the retraction of cervical disc herniated discs, regulate the normal state of cervical vertebrae, and relieve the pain caused by the compression of cervical nerves. Promote blood circulation of the cervical vertebrae, improve cerebral insufficiency caused by cervical spondylosis, relieve or eliminate bone hyperplasia, improve sleep disorders caused by cervical spondylosis, and adjust the function of cervical vertebrae and surrounding tissues.

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As long as you patiently wear germanium bracelets for a long time and get in direct contact with your skin, you can get the most health benefits of it. MagEnergy has unique designs, simple structure and obvious effect. It is a multi-functional high-grade jewelry integrating health care and decoration. Perfect and unified to achieve the effects of magnetic germanium therapy and elegance.