The jewelry may bring you the safety issue ,if not knowing the jewelry polish process

- Jul 05, 2019-

The polishing process is a very important factor during manufacturing jewelry. It not only affects the aesthetic appearance of the jewelry but also relates to the safety and comfort of the wearer. As a professional jewelry manufacturer, I will introduce you to the polishing process of stainless steel/titanium and copper jewelry.


The polishing process is divided into three steps: rough polishing, medium polishing, and fine polishing.

1. Rough polishing is the grinding or rough grinding of metal surfaces with coarsely polished abrasives or hard wheels. It is mainly used to remove burrs, scratches, rust marks, scales, blisters, bubbles, welds, slag and various macro defects on the surface of the part to improve surface flatness and reduce surface roughness. The surface of the metal jewelry after rough polishing can only reach a level of smoothness and smoothness, and a bright surface cannot be obtained, and the surface roughness is between several micrometers and one hundred micrometers.


2. The medium polish is further polish after the rough polished surface, with a medium polishing abrasive or a hard wheel. It can remove the scratches left by the rough polishing and produce a smooth to the medium bright surface effect.


3. Fine polishing is the last process. It is a method of polishing the surface of jewelry with a finely polished abrasive (polycrystalline polishing abrasive) or a soft wheel. Since it is polished on a relatively flat surface, The roughness of the surface can be further reduced to achieve the purpose of micro-leveling, so that a very bright surface can be obtained, and the mirror brightness is truly achieved.


Well-made jewelry will be strictly controlled in the above three polishing processes, and strive to be optimal. Some manufacturers often save one or two of these steps in order to reduce costs or pursue fast shipping or cut corners in the necessary rough polishing process. Light accessories have trachoma, scratches, and unsightly. The edge with the edgy scratches the wearer.

As a professional stainless steel bracelet manufacturer, MagEenergy reminds you to check carefully and personally experience the comfort of the jewelry before deciding to purchase.


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