The health benefit of Germanium Bracelets to Human

- May 06, 2019-

In the past 20 years, scholars of all over the world have proved that cockroaches are non-toxic and have the effects of inducing autointerferon, increasing NK cell activity, activating macrophages, promoting antibody production, and anti-tumor and anti-aging organisms. Germanium stone is an oxygen generator, an anti-cancer agent, a “blood disinfectant” that removes waste from the body, such as lipid peroxides.


So in this article, we will show you what is the health benefit of titanium bracelets adding Germanium Stones and how it works.


What is Germanium?


Germanium is a white, lustrous, brittle metal and ultra-trace mineral that was discovered by Clemens Alexander Winkler in 1886. It is a semiconductor material whose atoms have 32 electrons. The electrons are expanded by electrons in the human body, and oxygen is supplied to the cells by purification. It has been proved that the atomic arrangement in the crystal of the ruthenium is as hard and brittle as the diamond, and the Germanium is widely distributed in the natural world. Copper mine. Iron ore, sulphide ore, as well as rocks, soil and spring water contain traces of strontium. It has a content of one part per million in the earth's crust, so it contains eleven precious rare elements.


How do Germanium Bracelets work?


Germanium has 32 electrons around the nucleus, and 4 electrons in the outermost orbital make irregular movements. Once the temperature rises, an electron on the outermost orbit is detuned by the stimulus. The electrons that are out of orbit help to adjust the ion balance of the organism, restore the abnormality of the nerve circuit of the body, and have the effects of preventing and improving the discomfort of the body and the effect of massaging the spa. There is also a function of adjusting the abnormal potential of the human body. When the cancer cell potential rises sharply, the strontium element will seize the electrons of the cancer cell, causing its potential to drop and suppress the deterioration of the disease.


What is the health benefit and advantage of titanium bracelets adding germanium?


There are two forms of germanium: inorganic, which is used in manufacturing processes and known to pose health risks to humans, and organic, which has been found to be health protective to animals and humans.


Maas Jewelry only offer 99.99% organic metal germanium, it could


1) Strengthens one's immune system

2) Increases blood circulation

3) Raises oxygen levels

4) Speeds up the metabolism of body cells

5) Regulates positive and negative ions within the body,

6) Removes harmful toxins

7) Relieves joint and muscle pain

8) Alleviates physical stress, stiffness, cramps or discomfort

9) Controls swelling

10) Reduces water retention

11) Relieves fatigue and tiredness

12) Promotes quality sleep

13) Slows down aging

14) Prevents bacterial growth

15) Increases and maintains body warmth


Why is Germanium on titanium bracelets?


Titanium is super strong yet it is more than 42% lighter than steel. It is resistant to corrosive attacks by seawater, chlorine, and certain acids, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures. Titanium is also a good heat insulator as well as an excellent reflector of infrared radiation.


Titanium bracelets are 100% hypoallergenic, Guaranteed to be Lead & Nickel free; No more allergic reactions commonly found with stainless steel and copper bracelets & bangles. an excellent choice for people who don’t usually wear jewelry due to sensitive skin.


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