The function of positive and negative ions

- Apr 10, 2020-

Ions will enter the human body through breathing and directly affect the human body. When the temperature of the ions in the air is high, the negative ions in the human body will decrease, otherwise, the opposite state will occur.

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(The function of positive ions)

The human body is composed of 60 trillion cells, and each cell is covered by a cell membrane, which absorbs nutrients through the membrane and discharges waste.

There are positive ions on the outside of the cell and negative ions on the inside. The weak ions have more positive ions than healthy.

The positive and negative ions are balanced so that the cell can function properly. Once there are too many positive ions in the cell, it will affect the absorption of nutrients and the discharge of aging cells, and the physiological function of the cell itself will be reduced.

When the positive ions in the body grow, it is easy to fatigue, and causes blood vessels to constrict, raise blood pressure, blood circulation is not smooth, and increases the number of breaths and pulses.

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(The function of negative ions)

Negative ions have the reputation of (air vitamins), which can regulate the ion balance of the human body. Ions maintain balance, it is not easy to fatigue, and can expand blood vessels, stabilize blood pressure, promote blood circulation, reduce the number of breaths and pulses, and have a stable body and autonomic nervous function.

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