Nano Stone Jewelry Health Benifit?

- Apr 20, 2019-

About Nano stone

The World’s Dragon veins (mountain ranges) originated from the region west of Kunlun and the ancestry of the dragon veins started from the Parrir Highland-the site of the Great West Region in Tang Dynasty. Among the Five Great Dragon Veins in the world .the southern branch gathers the essences of heaven and earth only the southern Dragon entered China and nurtured the extraordinary civilization “ Henceforth, the distinguishing and majestic dragon of China began to amass the gentle quintessence of heaven and earth since the drawing of world.

The Southern Dragon refers to the Himalayas. which extends to Indonesia and stretches to Newzealand and Australia in two branches. The mystic Nano stone was born exactly at the merging points of the veins of the southern dragon. Immersed in the quintessence of heaven and earth for millions of years, the powerful energy of Nano stone was discovered by Indigenous people a long time ago. who saw the Nano stone as a sacred stone . as the energy field emitting from the stone carried the effect of enhancing health. 

Mountain ranges run on the surface of the earth and “chi” runs along the veins underground. Unimaginable treasures, as well as incredible powers, are often hidden under the earth. As a common impression, places in Middle Asia, like Nepal and Bhutan, are the centers of mystical legends and spiritual powers. For example, the Buddha, Sakyamuni who brought faith and the energy of life to billions of people in the world was born in Nepal. We can imagine that this area must have been filled with tangible and intangible energy and powers we have known that a wide range of miracles in the world has been discovered to have stored energy. but we found that Nano stone of the southern dragon uncovered at the foot of the Himalayas has magical powers. The Nano stone has been tested by experts and proven by scientific methods to have special effects and unexplained magnetic powers. Many people have also witnessed the incredible power of the Nano stone from personal experiences.

The Nano stone of the Southern Dragon found at the foot of the Himalayas is magnificent, its infinite power to protect people on earth.

The Principle of Nano Stone

The Nano stone has incredible penetration power and the ability to control temperature and synchronize body vibration. Its power is easily absorbed and converted into the internal power for the wearer. The power of the Nano stone is absorbed by the human body and creates synchronized vibrations with the body’s water molecules it will boost activity and enhance the bounding forces among the molecules. Large bio-molecules such as proteins are also being activated to synchronize human cells in high vibration energy 

The thermal power of Nano stone penetrates deep into the skin through the synchronized vibration in the cells and radiates again from the deepest layers to the surface. This effect is strong enough to promote blood circulation through the expansion of the micro-veins as well as boosting metabolism promoting tissue regeneration .enhancing immunity and calming over-excited nerves to achieve a health-enhancing effect

The effect of the Nano stone on the human body

The Nano stone carries a synchronized vibration that has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The vibration rate of the Nano stone is very close to that of human cells. 

Therefore after energy penetrates into the skin, it creates a vibration that synchronizes molecules of human cells. Though the synchronized vibration, thermal energy is created from the abrasion between the molecules which effectively increases the temperature of the subcutaneous tissues and enables the micro-veins to expand for better blood circulation. Consequently, substances that hindered metabolism. Such as stubborn substances in the blood veins and toxic substances stored in the body are removed to reactivate tissue regeneration and promote the formation of an enzyme. And the effects are delayed aging and enhanced immunity. Therefore the Nano stone is proven to be effective in improving and preventing health problems caused by poor macro or micro blood circulation.

In addition, toxic substances such as heavy metals and other toxic substances, lactic acids, free fatty acid agents, fat and hypodermic fat, sodium ions, uric acid and makeup residuals left in the pores, can be eliminated directly from the skin through sweat without having to go through the kidneys, thus, in effect, the burden on the kidneys is reduced.

The Nano stone has the effect of moderating the electric current in the human body. Its rate of penetration into the human body is 0.01 to 0.1MM and the human body also emits a synchronized frequency of 9 micrometers. Therefore, it is very different from the low-frequency magnetic waves. The synchronized frequency has been used to treat many ailments, including muscle aches, tendonitis, bed warts, burns, and hard-to-heal wounds, so the blood circulation enhancing the effect of the Nano stone makes it effective to achieve the goal of healing .

Effects of Nano Stone

  • Incredible for the tune-timing and wealth-amassing power

  • Changes the bio-magnetic field of the human body

  • Absorbs and accumulated positives energy

  • Changes the quality of the human body instantly enhance internal balance

  • High energy conductivity

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Breaks down water molecules to activate its effects

  • Promotes better water absorption and circulation

  • Increases the oxygen content in the body

  • Improve the quality of sleep

  • Eliminates fatigue

  • Enhance immunity

  • Activates skin regeneration

  • Improves joint aches

  • Promotes metabolism

  • Balances body acidity and alkalinity

  • Natural mineral contains the unfading magnetic field.