Is there any difference between an anklet and a bracelet?

- Jan 06, 2021-

Actually, there is no difference between an anklet and a bracelet.


Anklets and bracelets are designed for the same purpose: to match the cylindrical shape, wrist or ankle-unlike necklaces, necklaces must be specially made to fit correctly on the neck. So most of our bracelets can be made to the correct size to fit on your ankle.

 copper anklet

The difference is the length of the item: the anklet length is usually longer than the length of the bracelet.

copper magnetic bracelet

Some people choose to wear an anklet because there is a problem on their knee or hip, in order to have something worn close to the source of the problem. Or some people don’t want the jewelry on the show as they already wear something on their wrist.

pure copper anklet