How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

- Dec 06, 2019-

There are many types of necklaces on the market, but not every chain is suitable for you. Not only should you choose according to your face shape, but also you should choose the appropriate necklace length according to the length of your neck. 

How to choose the length of the necklace

1. There are men and women. However, the physical characteristics of each person of different genders are different, and the necklaces are also divided. For the length of male necklaces, there are generally three specifications: 18 inches and 46cm are small necklaces; 20 inches is about 50cm, close to the clavicle, is the most commonly used size; while 24 inches is 60cm longer, it hangs down to the chest.


2. The length of female necklaces is: 16 inches and about 40cm, the length is equivalent to the collar; 18 inches and about 46cm, sagging to the position close to the collarbone; while 20 inches is about 50cm, it is about to drop to the point below the collarbone; 22 inches is about 55cm, close At the neckline; the last is about 60cm of 24 inches, sagging to the position below the neckline. So those who want to choose necklaces can choose according to the size introduced earlier.


What are the lengths of the necklace

Necklaces are traditionally divided into the following categories according to their length. Take the wearer's height of 168cm and weight of 55kg as an example:


41cm necklace: This is the most practical length. The length of the necklace hangs down just above the collar. The variety of classic styles and uses makes it suitable not only for daily life, but also for dinner wear. In daily work, Sven's shirt, stylish skirt, and a necklace with a perfect length, elegant and intellectual. This length is suitable for most people. Many young girls like this short necklace. In fact, it is also the first pearl necklace in many girls' lives.


46cm Princess Necklace: It is a little longer than the short necklace. It hangs down slightly below the round neckline. It can just form a "V" line on the front, which sets off a good collar line. It also works well with a low neckline and more exaggerated neckline. The 46cm pearl necklace is considered the most classic length in the necklace. If you are not sure what length is right for you, choosing 46cm will be your most wise choice.


51-61cm necklace: This necklace is suitable for women with short necks and high necks. Petite ladies wear such necklaces to create a sense of hierarchy and visually stretch. In addition, when wearing this type of necklace, the color of the clothing should be soft and the decoration should not be too much. Suitable for informal occasions or business events. It is best to match the high collar, which can neutralize the high formal elements and increase the affinity. This length of necklace is also great for long strap dresses and long skirts. It gives the wearer a luxurious and confident feel.


76cm Necklace: Between 61cm-91cm, it can be worn as a single-layer necklace with high-necked clothing, or it can be wound into a fashionable double-layer short necklace. It is becoming more and more popular to wrap necklaces of this length around the neck or chest for a stylish look. The traditional way of wearing this necklace is with evening wear, but now it is also a fresh fashion attempt to use it with casual wear.


91cm necklace: The length hanging down is just in the middle of the chest, this length can also produce a good sense of layering. This necklace can also be wound into two short necklaces to achieve a different effect. At the same time, this length of necklace is suitable for various styles of neckline. There are many ways to wear it. It can be wrapped with a high collar or two turns to form a stylish collar-shaped necklace. A knot, now this somewhat retro element is becoming a fashion. In the past, this pearl necklace could only be used with formal dresses, but now it is used as a new fashion with informal casual clothes.