How to buy a good copper bracelet for health therapy?

- Jun 14, 2019-

As copper bracelets are a good choice for pain relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel, RSI, Migraines and Tennis Elbow. But only the real copper bracelets have this health therapy.


Here show you 3 points when buying magnetic copper bracelets.


1. Make sure it is made with Pure Copper. This is because copper is proven to be absorbed by the skin, so it is likely that so will lead or other impurities it may contain.  Copper, being such a friendly metal, it readily combines with many other elements.

The copper purity at least to be 99.9% to release copper and let your body absorb.


Some use brass, bronze or alloy material with copper color plated outside. You can’t tell from outlook. The easy way is to bend it, if hard to bend it, it should be brass or alloy.

The most effective way, is cut copper bracelet inside with a knife and check if inside color is same with outside copper. If same, it is pure copper. If the color is yellow or silver, that is not pure copper.

Check the test method in this article:

 copper inside color

2. Make sure the magnets in the copper bracelets strength at least 1200Gauss, not more than 4000Gauss. As weak magnetic field has no effect for therapy and too strong magnet will hurt to our body. All professional seller has the Magnet Gauss Machine, ask them to test for you.

copper magnets gauss

3. Make sure the bracelet has been heat treated. This process is invisible to the naked eye but it is easy to test by trying to adjust a bracelet to contour to your wrist.  If the copper bracelet offers much resistance to shaping it is because the maker by-passed this very important step. Therefore the bracelet is still stressed from the process of making it and is not only hard to bend but also brittle, so attempting to contour your wrist comfortably will soon fatigue and break it.