Can I wear a magnetic bracelet when I have a pacemaker?

- Dec 03, 2020-

Absolutely not. Magnetic bracelets must not be worn with pacemakers or other implants that may be affected by magnetic fields. Because magnetic fields in magnets in devices and machinery can inhibit pulse generators for ICDs and pacemakers. In ICDs in particular, magnets can activate a switch prohibiting the ICD from delivering vital signals such as lifesaving shocks. One problem with magnetic jewelry is that it is easily accessible to pacemakers: this is especially true when you sleep, because we never know where our hands will be during sleep. At the same time, the magnetic jewelry on the neck can be easily approached to the pacemaker.

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Other devices that can interfere with a pacemaker include:

1. Cell phones and MP3 players (for example, iPods)

2. Household appliances, such as microwave ovens.

3. High-tension wires.

4. Metal detectors.

5. Industrial welders.

6. Electrical generators.

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