4 Titanium Wedding Bands Finish

- May 21, 2019-

 Titanium wedding bands are popular by young people, for it’s good performance: 100% HYPOALLERGENIC! So it will not irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions.

Titanium is extremely strong and incredibly lightweight you'll hardly know you are wearing it. Titanium is an extremely robust and very low maintenance metal, perfect for everyday wear.


Titanium metal could have different kinds of finishes, which could add more outlook and styles. Today, we discuss 4 common finish of titanium bands.


1. Polished

As one of the more popular and traditional finishes for wedding bands, chains, pendants and more, polished jewelry is much more reflective on the titanium’s surface. 


2. Brushed

 Also referred to as “satin” or “matt”, brushed finished rings are smooth to the touch like polished rings but are not reflective – similar to the look of a fogged up bathroom mirror.


3. Sandblasted – Also known as “bead blast”, a sandblasted finish is achieved by propelling a stream of abrasive material under high pressure on the surface of the ring


4. Hammered

Hammered finishes offer a rustic and organic feel to jewelry pieces. The character of each finish depends on the shape of the hammer used by the jeweler and the force of their hammer blows. In this way, hammered finishes will inevitably vary from jeweler to jeweler.


No matter what kinds of finish, all of them are original titanium color, which is never fade.

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