Magneic Strip Stainless Steel

MagEnergy supply this Power strip made of a combination of copper and stainless steel.
3000Gauss extra strong magnets, you  can wear your little energy centre directly on your skin. Simply fasten heart and counterpiece on clothing near the body and enjoy wellness any time and anywhere!
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Product Details

Production Details:

Top material: 99.9% Pure copper and 316L stainless steel

A 3000Gauss Power Magnets for healing

Different shied design is possible

Laser Logo is free charge


Item No.



Pure copper and 316L stainless steel


High Polish


Steel silver and copper color


3000Gauss N48Neodymium magnets

Item Size:


Item Weight




Health Element

Neodymium Magnets

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Free Package:

Poly bag per pcs and 200pcs in a box

Payment Terms

30% deposit to confirm order, and 70% balance before shipment
T/T, Visa, Western Union, Paypal, Cash

Product Details

Small, strong and powerful: the popular MagnetStrip possesses two strong neodymium magnets and may be fastened to any part of the clothing thanks to the counterpart of the same design. The MagnetStrip is available with or without copper as desired. The organic shape represents a neutral alternative for all those looking for a power magnet but not wishing to wear a heart.

What is the magnetic strip health benefit?

This magnetic heart carry strong magnet, so it was made for the purpose of localized and deep action to treat pain and can be moved around the body as required.


◆Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

◆Tennis Elbow

◆Headache Backache,

◆Neck Pain Sprains and strains Joints and muscle pain of any nature

◆Period pain breast soreness

◆Recovery after surgery

How to use the magnetic heart?

It's recommended to be worn close to the body: e.g. in the bra; on the sore joint; in the area under the left arm to improve pancreas function; under the ribs for stomach disorders; against lower parts of stomach to treat inflammatory problems effecting the prostate, uterus and ovaries etc. It can also increase body energy and improve libido.

Shipping Solution:

We has cooperation with DHL express, UPS, Fedex and TNT, which could offer competitive cost and safe shipment.

Shipping ways


Question: What is magnetic therapy benefit?

Answer: Magnetic therapy is based on the theory that when delivered directly to the body magnetic fields can stimulate healing from a range of health problems. When you wear a magnetic jewelry, your body has magnetic field, which improving blood circulation, reduce the chemical mediators of swelling and clear the area out. Thus

Less pain. reduce your body pain.

better health. Magnetic field also help to support the body’s ability to take care of small imbalance, slowing the aging process, encouraging healthy cell turnover and reduce the stress of our body.

improved sleep. magnetic field help both to correct the sleep disorder and to improve your sleep quality, increasing your energy.

Sports performance. For athletes or sportsman, magnetic therapy could help keep the body functioning at the highest possible level. Means maximized performance, decreased risk of injury and increased capacity for muscle recovery.

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