About Maas

We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to Health and Beauty Jewelry since 2003, and begin worldwide business in 2013. We owe and run the MagEnergy Brand since 2017.

After long time expanding, we have a large choice of styles.

*Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

*Stainless Steel Jewelry

*Titanium Jewelry

*Pure Copper Bracelets and Rings

*Natural Gems Jewelry

*Leather Bracelets and necklaces

*Tungsten and Ceramic Bracelets

Our Mission

Health is serious business, we bring it more beauty, surprise and easy to reach your goal.

Our mission is to help you start and expand healthy jewelry business in a short time, let more people enjoy a healthy life.

Why Choose us?

1)Professional Jewelry CAD designers

2)Thousands of styles to choose

3)Perfect selling plan for every customer

4)Skilled master do hand-made jewelry

5)Strict QC standard

Promised Sales Service